Simpson Co. residents believe it was a twister - - Jackson, MS

Simpson Co. residents believe it was a twister

SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Despite what the National Weather Service says, there are still people in Simpson County who believe the area was hit by a tornado earlier this week. 

The area in question is just south of the Rankin-Simpson County line along Old Pearl Road. 

"I think it was a tornado." Larry Jennings, who lives on Old Pearl Road, just does not believe the storm that hit his house and yard Tuesday night was straight line winds.   

Jennings is unconvinced even though a meteorologist from the National Weather Service has surveyed the area on the ground and determined that there is no evidence of a tornado causing all the damage.  

When asked if he believe it was a tornado, Jennings, a retired Jackson fireman said, "I do, I do," ‘Did you hear the classic roar?' "No, like I said the hail was hitting the house so hard that's all we heard." 

The hail that was left by the storm is still there two days later. 

Steve Wilkinson, Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Jackson, has personally toured the area and is sure it was straight line winds. 

Wilkinson says there is some more severe weather expected in this area early next week.

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