Granny tackles robber - - Jackson, MS

Granny tackles robber

OAKLAND PARK, FL (NBC) - An elderly Florida woman with "nothing to lose" stopped a bank robber in her tracks Friday.

Helen Dunsford, 66, was a customer at a Bank of America in Oakland Park when a woman reached in her purse, said she had a gun and yelled for everyone to get on the ground.

As other customers listened to the orders, Dunsford tackled the would-be robber, Renee Green, and held the suspect down until authorities arrived.

"She got on my last nerve," Dunsford said. "I have cancer, stage 4, and I figured if I'm gonna die it's God will when I die. She's not gonna shoot me."

Green told deputies when she was taken into custody that the robbery attempt was really an April Fool's joke.

She had demanded $10,000.

Two other men were taken into custody and are believed to have some connection to Green.

One of the men yelled from the back of a squad car that Green has "mental problems."

Customers thanked Dunsford for risking her life to potentially save theirs.

"I was more scared than her, I'll tell you that," bank customer Aron Lassin said. "She's a brave old lady. I appreciate the help."
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