More jailers fired in Hinds Co. inmate beating probe - - Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS April 4, 2011

More jailers fired in Hinds Co. inmate beating probe

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin has fired 9 more jailers at the Raymond Detention Center. This comes on the heels of the alleged jailhouse beating of inmate Charles Johnson.

Pictures surfaced from family members showing Johnson badly beaten. The photo's were allegedly taken inside a Jackson hospital by four of the nine jailers who were fired. They show 32 year old Charles Johnson severely beaten. A cigarette was placed in his mouth allegedly by the guards who took the photographs.

Sheriff McMillin launched an internal investigation and today announced the firings. "This is not an announcement that I like to make. But it's necessary when one is in the process of clearing our own house. If we have a violation of orders, if we have use of inappropriate force we are going to take the appropriate action as a result of that. So in two incidents at the jail that's a total of 16 employees we terminated. Should this happen to occur again, we've set a benchmark for how we are going two deal with it. Will you give them any additional training of your police? No, I don't think additional training is needed there's plenty of training, plenty of orders that govern that. They violated those orders. They violated their training. They know better than that. With the publicity given these two cases that there will be additional complaints and as they come in they will be verified as to the truthfulness of those reports and how that turns out will determine if there is any more action as related to this."

Johnson was jailed February 16 for murder and the armed carjacking of a fed ex truck driver. The sheriff had previously fired 8 guards after a separate incident of alleged brutality at the jail.

The cases have been turned over to the FBI.

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