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Clinton classes resume in the dark after Monday's storm

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Monday afternoon storms left thousands of people without power into the night. And several Entergy customers, including a Clinton elementary school remained left in the dark Tuesday morning. But despite the lack of power, classes resumed as normal.

Just about everything inside of Clinton's Northside Elementary School remained the same on Tuesday, except for one very obvious detail. Students and staff started the day in the dark.

Second grade teacher Melissa Renacker says, "well, the kids are really excited, today its a different thing this morning it's a change."

"We get to be in the dark and we can have fun in the dark too, we can scare people out of nowhere," says second grader Brock Maddox.

Classes inside went on as normal, as Entergy crews worked outside to restore power. Around 5:30 PM, Monday's storm left more than 24,000 people without power. The powerful winds took a tree down outside of Northside school. And that tree knocked out a power line connected to a transformer. But, despite no power, school officials notified Northside parents Monday that classes would go on as normal on Tuesday.

Dr. Phil Burchfield, the superintendent of Clinton schools says, "we put something out last night about 9:00PM through our key communicator service and so they were aware of this, those that we have contact with, but maybe some of them found out this morning."

Obviously with the power out, electronics like the computers aren't up and running, but teachers say students will just continue working as normal.

Renacker says, "it'll just be different, it'll be different we've got our books that we're reading, we have written work that we do anyway, so it's just going to be something different out of the ordinary."

For the kids, the lights out means more fun.

Second grader Kiera Greer says she's "kind of excited because this is the first time we ever had this kind of condition."

Northside Elementary School was the only school in Clinton without power Tuesday morning.

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