Driver killed, police search for shooter - - Jackson, MS

Driver killed, police search for shooter

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Police in the capital city police are trying to piece together clues that could lead them to the gunman in Tuesday's fatal shooting.

A man was shot inside his vehicle in south Jackson and tried unsuccessfully to escape his attackers.

As evening approached, Jackson police and detectives examined the crime scene at an abandoned house in the 1100 block of Raymond Road where the body of a man sat in the driver's seat of a dark blue Ford Crown Victoria.

The 911 call was received around 5:45 p.m.

Investigators would only describe the victim as a 26-year-old Jackson man.

Witnesses heard gunfire in the Southdown Arms Apartments across the street before seeing the victim crash.

"I have seen him over here a bunch of times," said Roosevelt Brown.

Brown lives in the apartments and had seen the deceased man visiting before but did not know him.

"We heard a gunshot in the back of Southdown Apartments and the next thing you know we saw the car come flying across the street, going into the field over there and ran over there into the tree. So, me and my brother we went over there to try to help him, but he was barely breathing. He got shot straight in the heart," said Brown.

Dozens of people watched as the rescue crews worked to save the shooting victim, but his injuries were too severe.

Police said residents reported hearing three gunshots, but the victim only sustained one gunshot wound to the chest.

"They observed a black male in a Ford Crown Victoria came across Raymond road, struck the pole in the abandoned house behind you and came across the yard and struck a tree." said JPD Precinct One Commander Donald Gater.

Jackson police are continuing the search for suspects.

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