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Arlington Community in spring

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LINCOLN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Nothing sits still very long. It either e-volves into something bigger and better, or it de-volves and goes away. Or, it takes the course of the world and re-volves, and comes around again as something different. And that's what we have today, the story of what became of a community in Lincoln County.

There's still a church across the road from this house that carries the name of the Arlington Community, and the house belongs to Jan Smith Busby. Her aunt and uncle built it on the spot where the Arlington School used to be.

"On this spot where my home is now, is where my mother and her folks went to school," said Busby. 

But the school burned, and the little community that had grown up around it dwindled away. And about the only thing growing in Arlington now, are the flowers around Jan's house where the school used to be. But it took a little work to get the yard to open it up enough to grow flowers.  

Busby says, "All the grass, you know, it used to be trees. Everything that's sodded used to be trees all the way up to the front door and right up to the back door."

But opening up the yard was just the first step. Then came the long process of beginning to plant flowers in place of the trees. And as pretty as the flowers are, Jan has found another reward of working flowerbeds; a few moments away from the world. 

"You can turn on the TV and watch all over the world the chaos. But if you turn the TV off it's completely peaceful here in Arlington," said Busby.

 You might think there is little if anything of old Arlington left. There's a brick house where the school used to be, and things that are, are no more. But the memory of those places seems to be sprouting up with the flowers. 

"The purple iris's here on the side of the house? Those are from the old school. And I got to where I was doing what my mother would do," said Busby. "I was trying to find something blooming all the time, you know, so that's my goal here, you know, to have a flower blooming somewhere here in the yard all year long."

As far as being a peaceful place, maybe the world would be better off if everybody had a flower garden to relax in.  

Busby says, "There's so much controversy and there's so many things and everybody has their own opining or they should have if they get to any age, but the one thing that people can all agree on; it's liking something that's pretty that's growing in the yard."

And since the entirety of old Arlington is pretty much confined to Jan's yard, Arlington must be the most peaceful place in the state in springtime. 

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