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Business and technology expo

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Thousands of people are participating in the 28th annual Business and Technology Expo at the Mississippi Trade-Mart.  The event is an opportunity for the public to meet face to face with representatives from more than 100 companies across Mississippi and the nation.

One key goal of the expo is to help those in the business world network and receive helpful hints on how to improve their own small businesses.

And in addition to taking advantage of all of the networking, participants also are receiving some motivational advice from Patrick House, the winner of the last season of "The Biggest Loser."

 House says, "we're going through a tough time right now and for me being from Mississippi and getting my story out there to people is going to be a motivation to them and they can take what we've done and my inspiration and hopefully apply it to their day to day life."

Marcus Moore, an Expo Attendee says, "it's very beneficial - all the businesses that they have around here we can take advantage of, especially for the small business owners in the area." 

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