Francis, CARA's miracle puppy struts his stuff at benefit - - Jackson, MS

Francis, CARA's miracle puppy struts his stuff at benefit

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

He's called the miracle dog. The champion behind Mississippi's first ever animal abuse legislation. Francis was a shocking case of animal neglect.

The Shelty mix was thrown out with the trash in the sub freezing cold and left there to die two months ago. Thursday Francis had a huge coming out party. 

Someone had tossed Francis out like trash near a dumpster. Nearly dead, he endured the bitter cold without food or water for days.

"He picked up a box before he thought some dogs would get in it and inside lay this little puppy."

The beautiful puppy was dying when a good Samaritan discovered his frail body and took him to CARA. Caretakers vowed to save his life.

The frail puppy managed to bark for the first time after he came out of the coma. You could hear his caretaker talking to him, encouraging him on the videotape. "And I know we're gonna make it. You are gonna make it."

Despite a poor prognosis and certain neurological damage, Francis received round the clock care. Heating pads..IV's for food and water.

We talked to Jackson Physical Therapist, Kim Middleton about her relationship with Francis.

"The first time you saw him. What were your thoughts? I cried all day. Honestly I couldn't get him off my mind and just I knew I had to help him somehow."

This Physical Therapist donated endless hours teaching him to walk again.

"We started seeing movement in his back legs, then he could stand then he could walk. A little bit on his own. The day we heard he walked on his own there was just so much emotion."

He soon had a fan following, his Paw Prints Facebook page swelled to over 500 fans from across the nation. And he became the champion for felony animal abuse legislation at the Capitol.

"He came along at just the right time to help put a face to animal cruelty and so show people they this really happens."

With his new found life and fame, this poster puppy for animal neglect and cruelty strutted his stuff at CARA'S Fashion Faux Paws benefit and stole the show.

Middleton said, "Everybody's bonded together for him and with love and prayer he just gotten where he is."

That's a long way from the place where he was dumped in the trash to die. Francis is a lasting impression of resilience, and belief, that miracles do happen.

For more on how you can donate to CARA go to:!/CARACares

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