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Councilman Stokes responds to Sound Off Commentary

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This is a response to a "Sound Off" commentary by WLBT vice president/general manager Dan Modisett. Click here for Modisett's original editorial.

By Kenneth Stokes, Jackson City Councilman:

The recent killing at Jasco is of concern for the community. 

Dan Modisett has not only jumped to conclusion, he has totally disregarded the facts. 

Eyewitness have reported that no one's life was being threatened when Mr. Connell Lindsey was shot and killed. 

Even the store clerk has reportedly stated that Mr. Connell Lindsey should not have been shot. 

Is Dan Modisett's lack of concern for Mr. Connell Lindsey, the deceased, because he is black, or because he is poor, or because he is black and poor? 

Connell had rights, too. The United States constitution is the same for all of us, no matter what race, color, or creed. 

Kenneth Stokes will continue to speak out for the truth and for the poor. 

Maybe Dan Modisett could come out of his ivory tower, and practice some "old fashioned" journalism, and actually talk to the eyewitnesses. 

Maybe then Dan Modisett could exercise something other than his mouth. 

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