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Look Around MS: Adventures in New England

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This is the Atlantic Ocean on the southeastern coast of Maine. And out there, the sun is rising. I don't catch a lot of sunrises, but I wanted to see this one. Because the coast of Maine is where the rays of the sun first touch The United States every morning. Plus I had to be up that early because today we shove off to Boston.

But we make a couple of stops along the way. Salem, Massachusetts was one of them, where we had enough time to wander around and see The House of Seven Gables. This house is the setting of the story of the same name written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The more adventuresome of us took the ferry on into Boston from Salem. The others went with the bus. The ferry ride was a little chilly, but we got to see lots of sights, like Fort Warren in Boston Harbor. Built about the same time Fort Massachusetts was built on Ship Island back here in Mississippi, and for the same reason. To protect the country from another invasion like in the War of 1812. And ironically both forts were used in the civil war for the same purpose, to house prisoners of war.

There are many cities that have memorable skylines in the United States, but the view from Boston Harbor has to number among the best.

And the view of the skyline from the Kennedy Library couldn't have been an accident.

There are a lot of old buildings in Boston. We got to see so many I wasn't sure which was which when I reviewed my tapes. We got to Trinity Church in Copley Square about time for Sunday School. And wandered on over to Old North Church by about time for Sunday Services. Since we weren't going there for worship, we had to take our pictures through the open doorway. This is the church where Paul Revere was tipped on which way the British were coming, by land or by sea, from the number of lanterns signaling from the bell tower.

Speaking of Paul Revere, his house is still standing in Boston. And is a stop on the Freedom Trail. As well as the Old State House in downtown Boston, where, among other historic things, the Boston Massacre happened on the grounds.

One of the last stops on the tour was aboard the ship the U.S.S. Constitution. It was built in 1797, and got the nickname Old Ironsides after it defeated three British ships in the war of 1812. It is the oldest actively commissioned war ship in the world. And yes, it is still a part of the United States Navy.

Over there is where the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought. On Breeds Hill.

And far too quickly our excursion to beautiful New England in the fall was over. But as we started heading home, we were already looking forward to our NEXT adventure.

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