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National Security in Jeopardy?

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Yet another frightening item from the Pentagon.

And it involves a huge concern about our national security.

We now learn that 35%, more than 1 in 3 of our recruiting age population are too fat to serve in the military.

In Mississippi, it's likely far more than that.

18% of the others are too involved in drugs or alcohol to be recruited.

Another 25% or one in four have criminal backgrounds, or simply can't pass the aptitude test.

So what you have is 4 out of 5 potential military recruits who could help defend our nation are simply not able to do so because they are too lazy, boozed or drugged out or too stupid.

What a testament to our forefathers who helped create this great country and to those still around doing so.

America, if there was ever a time to wake up, it is now.

That's my Point of View.

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