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Clinton aftermath and clean up

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As often happens, the day after the storm was beautiful in Clinton today. Entergy trucks and crews were at Springridge and I-20 where Friday's tornado heavily damaged a branch bank and swept cars from the parking lot onto the roadway below.

In the Easthaven neighborhood, property owners set themselves to the task of surveying damage and cleaning up debris. And 4-year-old Bailey summed up the situation fairly well.

Bailey: It's a mess.

Walt: Captain Ken Chapman of the Salvation Army says he worked the Yazoo City tornado last year about this time and says while the Yazoo City storm covered a much larger area, the damage in Clinton is worse. But the low number of injuries to him, is astounding.

Cpt. Ken Chapman/Salvation Army:Yesterday there were about seven injuries reported, none of them were life threatening. There was one house over here in Clinton that actually turned over on its side with an 87-year-old-woman and all she got was a broken nose. And then the other miracle is, this Eastside Elementary School, where there is devastation in the back, devastation in the front, the tornado literally jumped over the school with 800 children in it.

Walt: Deana Dillard's son was one of those students.

Deana Dillard/Clinton Resident: But I'm very thankful that the tornado just went over his school, didn't damage one bit of the school. Maybe a little bit of the awnings were damaged. But the neighborhood all around the school was severely damaged.

Mayor Rosemary Aultman, Clinton: It is nothing short of a miracle with the concentration and intensity of the tornado and the damage we've had we didn't have anyone killed.

Larry Riley, Clinton resident: "Time we closed the door and went and got in the bathroom and got in the bathtub, it was pretty much on. House was shaking".

 Lt. Christopher Dill, Clinton Police Spoksman: "People were home at the time. We were very fortunate not to have any fatalities".

Walt: How do you account for that?

Lt. Dill: "A miracle".

And it was one, a miracle. And if you don't believe in them, just come se this devastation in Clinton and then look at the total number of people who escaped unharmed. 

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