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Man in Attala County thrown from mobile home during twister

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While hundreds in Hinds County are picking up the pieces of their lives after Friday's storms, fortunately only one home in Attala County was destroyed.

But it was a harrowing experience for Henry Williams who was inside when the twister struck.

Sunday afternoon Kim Williams saw what was left of her father's Attala county home near Possumneck for the first time.

"This is like a home turned into toothpicks," said Kim Williams.

She drove 12 hours from Chicago to find Henry Williams' mobile home obliterated by Friday's tornado.

He was inside while a friend, Michael Robertson, stepped outside to make a call.

"Another friend called him to tell him you know to take cover because it was on the way. He said by the time he walked to the end of the porch he could see it coming. He ran and was telling my dad take cover and by that time it was over," said the 41-year-old.

Williams said her 62-year-old father suffered a broken leg, punctured lung, is badly bruised and recovering at University Medical Center.

Robertson was also injured.

"They were thrown like a hundred feet," said Williams.

Contents of the three bedroom mobile home on County Road 3011 are scattered across both sides of the roadway.

Everyday household items are found among twisted steel and bent trees.

What was once a long time home is now a field of debris.

The customer service supervisor has been unable to speak with her father about his ordeal, because she said he is heavily sedated.

Williams recalled a close call her Dad had not long ago.

"I don't think it's been quite a year ago a tornado came through here and tore down a shed that was there and missed the trailer and less than a year another one came and from what I see it's total, total devastation," said the Chicago resident.

Williams is grateful the home was insured but most of all that her father survived.

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