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Horses for handicapped

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Mom Cynthia Gilkey wants these memories of her son Jajuann's horse ride to last a lifetime, so she made sure to snap lots of photos.

"I just think it's a wonderful event and I really do appreciate having these type of events to take place for children," says Gilkey.

Over the next few days, the state fairgrounds will swell with children and adults for the "Horses For Handicapped," program. The program, now in it's 30th year is a special fun-filled event just for individuals with special needs.

Cynthia's son Jajuann says the horse ride "was lots of fun."

Now, when each participant gets on the horse they get to ride around the arena at least three times. These horses are very safe, they're very tamed and when each person gets on the horse there are atleast three people helping them as they go along the ride across the arena.

These kids don't have a worry in the world when they're riding.  Mom Lesley Dill says, "when they're here they get to just have a great time like any other kid wants too, I mean that's really what any child wants, to have fun."

In addition to the fun, the horse rides are also a good source of therapy.

"Horses for Handicapped" Vice President, Les Tannehill says, "it gives them a sense of confidence and being able to be on top of the horse and as you saw awhile ago you know you're up there you're in control and it just makes you feel really good about yourself."

Gilkey says her son Jajuann, "he's really shy, but with the horses he doesn't you know he doesn't have that shyness, he really enjoys it."

Jajuann doesn't just enjoy horses, he says "I love the horse."

 "Horses for Handicapped" is free and runs from 9:00am until 2:00pm through this Thursday. For more information contact 601-906-2974 or

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