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Tax filers still wait despite 3 day deadline extension

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

April 15th has come and gone, but don't worry you didn't miss the dreaded federal tax filing deadline. 

A Washington D.C. holiday gave taxpayers three extra days to answer to Uncle Sam.

The downtown Jackson Internal Revenue Service office was packed Monday with hundreds seeking help with tax returns on this last day to file.

The IRS is expecting more than 140 million individual tax returns this year.

Business owner electrician Jerry Fields of Jackson said the three extra days helped him.

"Really it did. I had a few things to do and so happened they kind of waited on me and gave me an extension. It surprised me there were a lot of people. I've been here since 10 o'clock this morning,' said Fields.

He spent more than six hours with tax preparers and found out he owes.

In past years the Medgar Evers post office set up drive through service to accommodate the thousands of last minute filers.

In 2010 that all ended as electronic filing has eliminated the need.

"Electronic filing has hurt us a little bit. A little over 60% of returns are filed electronically now," said Postmaster James Tate.

Tate said postal workers will continue to man the blue boxes outside the downtown Jackson office and take tax returns until the midnight deadline. 

"We also have APC's, Automated Postal Centers at three of our locations. Customers are able to use those 24 hours a day in order to mail not only returns, but they can also mail packages," said Tate.

Byram Dental Laboratory owner Bill Graham is one of the tax filers using paper forms.

"I always owe, so I always wait," said Graham.

He stood in line at the post office to send off his returns.

"I have a business so electronic filing doesn't work with businesses, not all of them that I use so. I owe so, I'm waiting until the last minute," added Graham.

If you still need more time, file for an extension by using form 4868.

It is available on line, but remember you must still pay if you owe the government.

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