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Archery in the Schools Program Grows in Mississippi

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Another sport is growing in popularity across the nation.


"It's the fasting growing sport in the U.S. and it's the fastest growing youth sport in Mississippi," said Mississippi Archery for the Schools coordinator Waldo Cleland.

It's true, archery is quickly taking aim as one of the fastest growing sports around.

The Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Foundation is making sure the Magnolia state is getting involved with the Archery in the Schools program.

Right now, over 240 schools around the state compete in the program designed for grades four through twelve.

Mississippi Archery in the Schools coordinator Waldo Cleland says this sport is successful because it's different.

"Well, not everybody can run a football, throw a baseball, or shoot a baseball and this sports incorporates a lot of children that have never been attached to a school in any extra curricular activity and now they can and be successful at it," said Cleland.

Cleland says the program is all about fairness.

When a school purchases an archery kit from the NASP, it's exactly like all the others.

It includes 12 Genesis non-modified bows, 72 arrows and 5 targets.

The sport comes down to pure skill and not which student has the best equipment.

For the kids, it's obvious they are having fun.

"Wow, it's unbelievable. These kids are doing something that a lot of them have never done before, especially some of the inner-city schools. They've already proven that on days that they teach archery in schools attendance rate is higher," said Cleland.

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