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Commit to Be Fit- Eating healthier

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

By now, you're probably tired of hearing how Mississippi is the fattest state in the nation. But it is a fact. So, what are you going to do about it? How about commit to be fit? A good start is to change what and how much we eat. 

It's no secret, Southerners love food and I'm a true Southerner. We like lots of food and the more fried...the better. We use food to celebrate and to mourn. We eat when we are happy or sad and we chow down just because it's there. 

Dr. Ralph Sulser is medical director for St. Dominic's Health Weight Advantage program. 

He said, "We're a very social culture and we center a lot of our activities around food and the more food, the better the social event." 

It's always been that way. What's different now is that we don't take the time to burn off the calories. 

Dr. Sulser said, "...probably spend too much time behind a desk or in our cars." 

The result is ever expanding waistlines usually leading to ever increasing medical bills. The news, for me personally, was a wake-up call when nurse Nancie Jones told me I was clinically obese according the Body Mass Index. 

First step: get a handle on intake. Blair Wright is a registered dietician with St. Dominic's Healthy Weight Advantage program. She put me on a decision-free meal replacement plan. They don't call it diet food around here. 

Wright said, "Basically, our diet prescription is 3 shakes and 2 entrees a day." 

She continued, "They're low in calories and high in volume, kinda helps you feel full throughout the day. There's no magic gimmick to it, they're preservative free..they are shelf stable." 

And we're talking about a menu that includes lasagna, pot roast, ravioli and more. Not exactly how I pictured diet food. 

Wright said, "This is real food. It's just portion size, like I teach you in class, it's all about moderation and controlling those portions sizes and to help build that metabolism up and eating every couple of hours." 

Eventually, I will be off the Healthy Weight Advantage meals. That means a trip to the grocery store with Blair, who will show me how to make healthy food choices. I'll show you that in a future report. But with any good diet plan, there has to be exercise. In our next report, things you can do to increase your output and commit to be fit. 

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