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Wednesday's Child - Adelia

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Last week on Wednesday's Child we met a sibling group of five. This week we begin to learn more about each individual child, their hopes and disappointments in waiting for a forever family. We begin with the youngest, 6 year old Adelia.

Adelia enjoys being the youngest member of this family.

"What is it like being the baby in the family? Good. They take care of you don't they? Yeah. Do they spoil you a little bit? Nods no. No.. Spoil? We spoil her. Yes", said Adelia. 

She attends regular first grade classes. While she likes school she only enjoys certain subjects.

"Get on the computer. Get on the computer, okay. What about reading? Oh..what about counting? Ohh. What about coloring? Nods yes. Do you like to read? Yes", Adelia said.

Adelia enjoys being the center of attention with her big sisters and big brother. She also tries to be independent. She is able to hold her own with her siblings.

"How do you feel about your sisters? Good and nice. They take are of you don't they? Nods yes. What about your big brother Milton? He makes me feel better. He makes you feel better? Nods yes. All the time? Yes", said Adelia.

Adelia does not like being separated in foster care. She says having a family who will take all of them is important.

"Do you like to play with your dolls? Ride my bike and play with my dolls. How many dolls do you have? A lot. Six. Six dolls? A lot. She's got about 100", said one of her sisters.

To get more information about adoption through the Department of Human Services, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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