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Police follow leads in hunt for shooter of pregnant woman

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Police are following leads that they hope will help them find the men who shot a pregnant woman in south Jackson Tuesday.

Meanwhile residents on Lakewood Drive are living in fear until they are off the streets. 

Constance McClanahan was shaken by seeing the shooting of 18 year old Darlalyn White.

It is an image she won't soon forget.

"I just pray to God that that baby is ok," said McClanahan.

She is also praying that the men who opened fire on White are soon captured.

The teenager is 13 weeks pregnant and was shot in front of McClanahan's home as she and a friend got into a Toyota Camry.

The Lakewood Drive resident is afraid for her safety and the safety of her children after witnessing the shots fired from a black Dodge Charger.

"I'm terrified now because of my kids you know. I have three kids and this happened dead in front of my house at two o'clock in the afternoon," said McClanahan.

"We normally don't have situations like this, and it's disturbing," said Jackson Police Officer Colendula Green.

Jackson police are on the trail of the shooters but are releasing little information about the investigation.

While officers were still on scene, the Toyota Camry which the women were entering, was recovered nearby.

Investigators would not say if the driver has been identified.

Nor would they indicate if he or the shooting victim was the target.

Police said the Toyota driver let the injured pregnant woman out of the car and then sped away.

"We have several persons of interest that we're investigating right now and once the investigation is almost complete we will bring those names forward," said Green.

McClanahan and other residents hope an arrest comes quickly.

She said gunfire is heard often in the area, and there have been recent burglaries.

The south Jackson resident says police patrol the area, but she's worried now more than ever.

"I don't know if they're going to come back and shoot my car or my house up because I'm on TV telling what they're driving," shared the mother of three.

Meanwhile police said the teen mother is recovering.

"The bullet is still lodged in the side of her stomach and the baby, the 13 week old baby is fine according to the nurses," said Green.

Investigators are still tracking down information that they hope will lead them to all involved in the shooting.

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