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3 On Your Side: Sky-high power bills

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Linda Palmer of South Jackson says it all started in her home December 2010. "All these lights started going off, first downstairs, then in the kitchen, blink on and off," she says.

Palmer says she called Entergy several times, and was told to check her meter. Finally in March, her lights went out and she called an electrician.

"He checked the meter base, says what's happening here, you have an unbalanced load. Says there's nothing I can do, it's not on your part, it's on Entergy's part," Palmer says.

Palmer tells us she called Entergy and they came out the same day.

A couple of trenches in Palmer's yard show where Entergy came out last month and did quite a bit of digging. She says Entergy did determine it was an unbalanced load. "Something was grinding back toward the house and was not firing," she says.

Because of that determination, Palmer felt certain she would get reimbursed for the outrageous power bills she had been getting since December. She says an employee at the Public Service Commission told her to pay it down until the problem was resolved.

Obviously, the issue is ironed out now, because Palmer's April bill is back to a reasonable amount, $127. But she says Entergy still expects her to make payments on the prior bills, some of which total more than $1,000. "People (ask), how much are your bills? I go $690. They say, you're never home," Palmer says.

Entergy tells 3 On Your Side that while they cannot speak about customer accounts due to confidentiality, they will continue to work with customers who have billing concerns.

Entergy says the blinking light problem was due to a secondary service wire that had gone bad, and that problem is not related to the customer's bill increases. 

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