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A rose by any other name

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RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I've been doing stories off and on in Nita Lewis' flowerbeds for 20 years, I guess. She's had daylilies, which she set aside for irises, which she's now set aside for roses. And she's stuck with the roses for several years. The other flowers were nice, but there was something lacking.

Nita Lewis: And I realized my garden was missing the fragrance of roses. And once I started growing, I root them, so I have quite a few.

Walt: There is another distinct advantage of roses that I recognize from the Hodges-podge of flowers Miz Jo and I have in our yard. Everything else sort of has its season. A couple of good weeks and most flowers have bloomed out. But not roses.

Nita: They bloom from the beginning of spring until after a freeze.

Walt: And they bloom in waves. Hitting several peaks during the season. Nita Lewis says hers have already peaked for the first time, a little early this year. But she says if you'll remember to deadhead your roses, they'll put on another crop of blooms quickly. Deadheading is getting out in the garden and pulling off the dead blooms. Now, with a rose garden this big, that's a lot of work. But it's the work of the garden that makes it a good day for Nita.

Nita: I get my energy once I get to the garden. I feel better outside. I'm just not an inside person. So I'm happy when I'm in my garden.

Walt: I'm saying "yea" in the background like I identify with that. But maybe I should get out and fiddle with my yard more often according to Nita.

Nita: It's wonderful therapy. I recommend it. You can find happiness doing this that you can't find anywhere else.

Walt: I am reminded of the advice we've heard all of our lives to, "Stop and smell the roses along the way." And what better way to be able to stop and smell them than to have already planted some as you go. Like Nita Lewis has in her rose garden in Raymond.

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