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Extreme poverty in Copiah County

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We had to look hard to find any sign that said Dogtown.

Just east of Highway 27 there are at least six trailers down a single lane asphalt road. Two of the trailers had curtains, instead of doors when we arrived.

Dannie Williams, who practices her religion in this area trying to help people called us. She said "Sewage has been backed up in parts of the town for some time now."

We didn't find any sewage, but we did find a hostile attitude from people who live here, who ordered us to leave. We did talk to Dannie Williams here.

"It looks like a third world nation. When I called them I told them water had backed up, drainage that's not working, the roads are not draining off," Williams said.

We talked to at least five people who told us they didn't have sewage problems and wanted us to leave their property and not take any pictures.

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