Tornado victims undergo slow recovery one year later - - Jackson, MS

Tornado victims undergo slow recovery one year later

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YAZOO CITY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

One year ago Sunday an EF 4 tornado plowed through Mississippi destroying lives and homes in Attala, Choctaw, Holmes, Warren and Yazoo counties.

Ten people were killed.

The hardest hit area was Yazoo City where four people died.

Today the Delta town is slowly recovering.

"It wasn't a pretty day a year ago today," said Josiah Moton of Yazoo City as he looks back on that fateful Saturday morning.

"I have flashbacks of that day often when I'm out here," said Moton's wife Morgan.

Two days before Josiah and Morgan Moton were to be married their lives were turned upside down by a tornado that destroyed their newly built six month old house.

On the morning of April 24th 2010 their home on Old Benton Road and nearly every house around them were reduced to rubble.

"We could see the wind was picking up but it got black all of a sudden and we went to the bathroom and we could just hear the house just flying away, piece by piece you could hear the trees cracking," said 28-year-old Morgan Moton.

"Every time it rains or the winds get bad we leave. We don't even stick around period. We don't stick around. My wife is scary now," said 32-year-old Josiah Moton.

This Easter Sunday the couple attended church and reflected on the tragedy with family members.

They are among the few who have rebuilt.

Many homes around them remain vacant.

One hundred seventy mile per hour winds stripped houses from their foundations leaving slabs that still remain.

Trees are twisted and bent.

Life seems in some places to have stood still.

A car is upside down in a ravine and a piece of twisted metal hangs in a treetop in the Moton's front yard.

"It's still glass and debris in the yard. It's like I can never get all the glass picked up," said Morgan Moton, a customer service representative.

In Yazoo City 107 homes were destroyed with more than 160 sustaining major to minor damage.

The Motons married in September and are grateful that in mid December they were able to return to their home.

Now they are thinking of tornado victims in Clinton and Jackson.

"When I got off work that day I rode over there to see if there was anything I could do for anybody over there, and my prayers just go out to them," said the Yazoo City wife and mother.

"Keep the faith. I totally understand what they've been going through. It's going to get better," said the Yazoo City painter .

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency reports that more than 150 people were injured statewide while 390 homes were destroyed received major damage.

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