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Forecasters predict record flooding along MS River

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Life along the Mississippi River is expected to change drastically in the coming weeks.

The National Weather Service is forecasting major to record flooding from Greenville to Natchez.

The Mississippi River at Vicksburg is on the rise and according to the National Weather Service this spring's flooding could break records.

"This is caused by snow melt on the upper parts of the Mississippi River moving down the river just above St. Louis," NWS Hydrologist Marty Pope said.

The 30 year hydrologist also said rainfall of five to over 15 inches between Oklahoma, Missouri and the Ohio River Valley is a contributing factor.

"Kinda got to live with whatever the river does. You kinda got to work with it," said 17 year old Brandon Marshall of Vicksburg.

Marshall and his friend Brandon Lynn live along the river not far from the Latourneau Landing in Vicksburg.

Monday afternoon they monitored the water while four wheeling.

"I come out here just about every day and the water has come up a lot. It comes up about two feet a day," Marshall said.

"Our house is like on stilts and last time it flooded it got like two foot under our house and this time they're predicting about four to be up under our house," Brandon Lynn said.

Flood stage on the Mississippi River at Vicksburg is 43 feet.

Monday it was just over 39 feet.

Experts predict it will reach historic levels in about three weeks.

"The forecast that we're projecting will actually take us just above the 1937 flood at Vicksburg that would also put us just not too far below even the Flood of 1927 what was a record," added Pope.

In 1937 the River at Vicksburg reached its second highest at 53.20 feet.

The record of 56.20 feet was set in 1927.

In 1973, the Mississippi River at Greenville reached its highest point at 58.20 feet.

"The lands that will be affected are located along the Mississippi River," U.S. Corps of Engineers Vicksburg spokesman Kavanaugh Breazeale said. "Additionally, some backwater flooding may occur in the area of the Yazoo River and behind the Steele Bayou structure north of Vicksburg."

A crest is expected of 53.5 feet around May 18th.

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