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New alert system helps patients call for help

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MCCOMB, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In the event of a medical emergency you want to reach a paramedic quickly. And now with a system called "AMR ON GUARD" those in need can reach a dispatcher without ever picking up the phone.

Eva Becklehimer works for AMR as the "AMR ON GUARD" director. 

"It really benefits the elderly, the people who've had severe traumas," Beckleheimer says.

"You don't go through some remote call center, " says AMR public affairs manager Jim Pollard. "When we activate the systems, instead you're talking with AMR folks right here at home."

This is how it works. Someone with "AMR ON GUARD" gets a pendant necklaces or bracelet. And if they're having a medical emergency and are within 600 feet of the "AMR ON GUARD" box which is connected to a phone, they can reach an AMR dispatcher immediately.

"They can hit the pendant (or) the watch, which will actually activate in the system at that point the system will call AMR," says Beckleheimer.

"AMR ON GUARD" is similar to other alert systems on the market. However, officials from AMR say their system costs less than $25 a month, plus there are some additional advantages.

"We don't have a contract," Beckleheimer says. "Nobody has to sign a contract, which is a great thing because you don't know if you need it for three months of for three years."

Once a patient contacts AMR through the "AMR ON GUARD" system their medical history automatically pops up on a computer screen so that responder knows exactly what that individuals medical history is before they arrive to that persons home.

That patient medical history has already helped AMR paramedic Eric Phillips.

"We know what destination they want to go to, what hospital they used, doctors history, anything along those lines," Phillips says.

So far about 30 individuals have signed up for "AMR ON GUARD." For more information, call 1-877-897-4665 or email

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