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Lucy Preston's luckiest Natchez house

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NATCHEZ, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

People have been coming to Natchez for decades during the spring and fall pilgrimage to tour the old homes. Since there was no major fighting in Natchez during the Civil War, a bunch of them survived. Other folks like to visit places like the Natchez City Cemetery. And St. Mary's Basilica in Natchez has to be one of the most ornate churches in the state. And something fun is going on there all the time. 

But if you drive around much in Natchez, sooner or later you're going to pass by the home of Andrew (they call him Sarge) and Lucy Preston. We were in town with a group of friends for a weekend getaway and stopped in to say hello to Lucy. After that, she took over the conversation. We learned the house was built back in the 1800's and used to belong to a former school teacher, Ruby Lee Chance. The Preston's have been there for a little over 10 years, now. And when the house came on the market, Lucy snatched up quickly what other people had shunned. 

"Now we purchased this home August 18th of 2000. Reasons being the number is 13. I call it Lucky 13," said Preston. "None of Ms. Ruby Lee Chances' students wanted this home because they say it was a jankie number. That's the best damn luck I ever had besides Bourbon Street." 

And no doubt, Lucy has brought some of the whimsy of the Big Easy to lil' ole Natchez with her yard and porch decorations, that she changes constantly to match the season's or her mood. 

Preston said, "Christmas come back again and we're going to take all of this down and do Christmas like a Santa's porch." 

You wonder what's up with Lucy? How can she be so happy and bubbly all the time? Hasn't she kept up with the condition of the world and the economy? Probably has. But she's discovered there's more to the world than just the bad stuff. 

"Every evening the sun sets right here, and all you have to do is take a seat. Don't cost you nothin'. Just take a seat and enjoy it. Louie Armstrong, Sunny Side of the Street, baby. 

Well, you do wonder how some people can be this happy all the time. And probably what we really are wondering is, why can't I be that happy at least some of the time? Well, stop by Sarge and Lucy Preston's house and maybe some of it will rub off. 13 Madison Street, the luckiest house in Natchez.

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