Residents watch as twister carves path in Hinds Co. - - Jackson, MS

Residents watch as twister carves path in Hinds Co.

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A tornado touched down Wednesday afternoon in southwestern Hinds County.

Residents reported hearing the frightening sounds that accompany devastating winds.

In a matter of seconds their fears were realized.

Orville Cobb is grateful to be alive after watching as a tornado touched down on his Haley Road home south of Terry.

"When I seen the debris in the atmosphere I knew it was on the way," Cobb said.

Cobb was inside the garage when he tried to run to the opposite end of the house as the twister approached.

"By that time the front windows were blown out on each side of me and then the top went off and a tree went by, and I knew I was in a tornado," Cobb said.

When the winds died down a gaping hole was left in his roof.

Numerous trees lay scattered on his property, and his equipment shed was nowhere to be found.

"I could see debris just flying all up in the air," Cobb's neighbor George Robinson said.

The 78 year old Hinds County resident watched the twister from his front porch while his family sought shelter.

"This one sounded like a double track freight train...It hit Mr. Cobb's house and it centered his house, and his roof just seemed like it exploded," said Robinson.

Mike Daley lives on the other side of Cobb and was pulling into his driveway around 2:30 p.m. when he saw a thin rope like funnel cloud. 

"And I heard the train sound and I said 'Oh it's gonna be a tornado," Daley said. "It kinda felt like it was sucking me out, out of the garage so I ran back to the house and it was gone."

The 60 year old later discovered at least 8 trees down, roof damage, his dog kennel, shed and power transformer also gone.

But remains of his neighbors twisted shed are now in his back yard.

Along this path residents report at least 5 homes were damaged.

There were trees uprooted and at least five in the front yard of a home in the 1200 block of Haley Road.

Thankfully no injuries have been reported.

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