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WLBT's storm coverage

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Those of us here at WLBT take our responsibilities very seriously when storms confront our viewing area and we can show you just how dangerous they may be. 

That's particularly true of tornadoes, where here in Mississippi we often find ourselves in harm's way.

These last few weeks have shown that. 

Most viewers really appreciate our weather coverage, like the person in Possumneck Wednesday who told our news crew how they heard Barbie Bassett at 2am Wednesday morning to take cover and they did as the tornado roared overhead.

 While the storms may not be in your viewing area, we are responsible for 24 counties and even to a lot more who watch us to keep them informed of dangerous situations. 

We don't enjoy interrupting your programs but we also have a legal responsibility to do so when necessary. 

To those of you who don't like that, we're sorry, but that's our job.

Mark Twain may have said, "Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." 

Well, we at WLBT like to think we can sometimes save folks from injuries and even death by warning you of impending danger. 

That's my point of view.  

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