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Fire safety prevention

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A nationally recognized fire prevention safety expert is in Jackson to educate adults about how to help reduce fires started by children.

Dr. Robert Cole's program "play safe! be safe!" was created in the mid-90's to teach children about fire danger. The curriculum, which consists of a DVD and various games allows adults to show children what to do in case of a fire.

Unintentional accidents like fires are one of the biggest risk factors for children between the ages of three and five.

Dr. Cole says, "in Mississippi, 55% of child fatalities in this age group are from unintentional injuries and the second leading cause of those injuries are fires, fires account for over 25% of the unintentional injuries, so overall when a pre-school child dies it's about a one in eight chance fire caused it."

Dr. Cole will educate teachers and firefighters about his fire prevention safety program during the Mississippi Association of Fire Safety Educators conference on April 29th.

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