Sunshine For Clean Up, But Rivers Are Rising Fast! - - Jackson, MS

Sunshine For Clean Up, But Rivers Are Rising Fast!

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Clear, 82°

The wonderful recovery weather continues in Mississippi for today, as sunshine prevails over the skies for this Friday. Anticipate temps to climb slightly above the norm for this time of the year into the 80s. Winds will stay tolerable, moving out of the south east at 5-15 mph, and then becoming light for tonight. Overnight conditions will become chilly once again; and we'll have mainly clear skies as temps drop to near 50 degrees. An interesting turn will happen on Saturday, possible wind warnings may go into effect. Saturday, we'll expect sunny conditions, but breezy as well. Temps will climb into the mid 80s, but the winds will move at 10-20 mph. Sunday a slight chance of storms / rain creeps back into the afternoon forecast, but the best chance of sustained storms will hold of until Monday.

The clean up effort continues around the state, especially along the east and north east portions where more injuries and fatalities were reported. We do have one main concern on this sunny day, it's the river levels. The Mississippi River, the Yazoo River and the Big Black have all begun to swell to near flood stages and are still climbing. We'll keep you posted on the quick changes along the river beds. Much of the swelling is due to snow melt up north and the 'trickle down' effect of that as the rivers flow more toward us. The recent rains have also aided in raising the level as well. We'll keep you updated on twitter, facebook and WLBT.COM of the latest river levels.

Paul Williams
WLBT First Alert Meteorologist

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