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Smith and Jasper County heavily damaged in tornado

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

A massive twister cut a wide path of devastation in Smith and Jasper Counties.

Three people were killed and damage is estimated in the millions of dollars. A chicken farm and cattle ranch in Louin took a direct hit Wednesday. The family of four heard it coming. They quickly ran inside their home for shelter.

Within seconds, six large chicken houses were leveled. A hay trailer was picked up and dropped nearly a quarter of a mile from where it was parked. The Dupree family is thankful to be alive.

Gina Dupree said, "We could feel the house shake and we knew that everything was coming down around us and that it was gone and it was a total silence. The damage here is extensive. It's close to a million dollars worth of damage. That we know of and probably a lot more, not counting timber damage."

Miles away in Smith County a horrific sight. Our crew found mangled pieces of a mobile home slammed into a pine thicket. The mobile home was blown across County Coad 107. There was no chance of survival for the homeowner.

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