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Officials investigate gun on Utica school bus

UTICA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hinds County authorities and Hinds County school officials are investigating reports of a teenager packing a loaded weapon on a Utica school bus.

A concerned mother of 3 who's children ride that bus says the incident allegedly occurred Friday.

Pamela Young says a 13 year old student brought a gun on the number 6 bus.

The bus transports to Utica Elementary and Utica Middle School.

Young claims this is the second time in 2 months a Utica student toted a weapon on the bus.

The bus driver is backing up her report.

Charles Cole says he was driving the bus Friday morning.

Cole was unaware of the gun until he saw school bus surveillance tape Monday morning.

"It looked like a 380 or 9 millimeter," Cole said. "He took it out, he had it on his knee, slapped a clip in it and some of my students say he pointed it at one of the students on the bus and she went home and told her parents about it."

Cole's 4 children were on the bus as well.

The parents are now demanding action be taken against the student.

We were not allowed to view the bus security camera video.

Superintendent of Hinds County Public schools Dr. Steven Handley was not available to talk about the incident.

The Hinds Co. Sheriff's Department confirms they are looking into the allegations and reviewing the video tape as well.

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