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Flood preparations underway throughout Miss. River system

Army Corps of Engineers blowing up Missouri levee Army Corps of Engineers blowing up Missouri levee
Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, MS Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, MS
Harrah's Casino in Tunica, MS Harrah's Casino in Tunica, MS

Following an epic tornado event, a great flood event the likes of what few have ever seen before is drowning parts of the south from Missouri down the Mississippi River system. 

Anyone in the way is heading for higher ground.

After thunderous explosions and flashes of orange light, the Mississippi River poured through a wide hole in a giant earthen levee Monday.

The levee was under tremendous pressure.

This type of deliberate breech was last done during the 1937 flood.

130,000 acres of rich farmland was sacrificed in Missouri by federal authorities.

Farmers will suffer lasting damage.

Missouri farmers lost land and 100 homes.

The Wilder Farms area in the southwest corner of Tipton County, Tennessee is underwater.

The floodwaters have no where to go, scores of roads are closed, many schools have also closed.  

"In the May floods I don't remember seeing it this high, in all my years I've never seen it this high," Sheriff Pancho Chumley of Tipton County, Tennessee said.

The fast and furious waters spare nothing.

40 dogs left behind had to be rescued from a home in Millington, Tennessee Monday night.

The dogs were cold but they are safe despite the frightening situation.

Water surrounds West Memphis High School.

And has spilled into homes nearby and is ruining lives.

Ron Kimbel's house was flooded.

"It's just really stressing and it's heart breaking," Kimbel said. "You feel kinda numb, you know. You just feel kinda numb."

Kimbel says he and his neighbors are stuck.

Property value is near nothing.

They can not sell and the last time it flooded, FEMA declined to buy them out.

Sandbags in the West Memphis area may be too little too late.

The water is raising too quickly.

All 9 casinos in Tunica County, Mississippi are now shut down.

These desperate measures have never been taken before.

Money was removed from the slot machines at Horseshoe Casino.

Armed guards were posted inside and out.

Water surrounds Harrah's after it shut down Sunday.

The parking lots are under water and a dirt dam is being built.

Fears are mounting downstream, as 'Ole Man River' is poised to break records in Mississippi.

The current records were set during catastrophic floods in 1927 and 1937. 

The Army Corps of Engineers said about 241 miles of levees along the Mississippi River between Cape Girardeau, Mo. and the Gulf of Mexico need to be made taller or strengthened.

The volume of water moving down the Mississippi River system will test the levee system south of Memphis into Louisiana.

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