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Vicksburg residents preparing for the Great Flood of 2011

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City of Vicksburg officials are warning residents to prepare now for historic flood levels.

City leaders held a press conference Tuesday morning urging residents to have evacuation plans in place, if their home is in a flood prone area.

Waters are rising at up to 2 feet a day in some neighborhoods, and is expected to hold at crest level for up to 10 days.

Up to a 1,000 people could be impacted.

Some residents spent Tuesday removing items from their homes, including those that are on stilts, over 15 feet in the air.

Tim Jones' house is in Vicksburg's flood danger zone.

"We moved out yesterday (Monday), I came back this morning (Tuesday) to check on the house and everything and get the dogs," Jones said. "It was back there by my pool and now you see where it is now so its coming on."

Vicksburg's mayor is monitoring river levels and flood predictions to allow residents to make the best decisions for themselves and their property.

"Making sure that we make everyone aware of what is going on as pertains to the increased flood and elevation levels," Mayor Paul Winfield said. "Based on the predictions of the National Weather Service, we want our residents to be vigilant and make wise decisions."

Vicksburg ports and manufacturing companies near the Mississippi River are also expected to face flooding.

Roads are already covered with water in neighborhoods north on Highway 61.

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