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Sound Off: Disaster Relief Fundraiser

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It seems that Mississippi has been in the path of destruction the past few weeks.

Wave after wave of tornados and now record flood levels have devastated many Mississippians.

Almost all of us have a connection with someone who has felt the wrath of tornados and flooding.

Immediately organizations like the Salvation Army and the Red Cross were on the scenes helping people get their lives back to normal.

Churches and their denominational associations were feeding, sheltering and cleaning up debris.

Neighbors were helping neighbors.

That is what we do best in the South.

You may be asking what I can do to help.

The Red Cross has been stretched to the limit with all these disasters.

All day Wednesday WLBT and the Clear Channel radio stations are asking you to call or go online to volunteer and donate to the Red Cross.

All the money raised in Mississippi stays in Mississippi.

Please help.

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