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Grand Gulf Military Park prepares artifacts for rising waters

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Another area threatened of the rising flood waters of the Mississippi River is the Grand Gulf Military Park.

The military park is located 10 miles northwest of Port Gibson in Claiborne County.

Park officials are doing as much as they can before the flood waters splash in.

The Mississippi River continues to rise.

People in charge at the Grand Gulf Military Park expect the river to crest at 57.5 feet on May 18.

By noon Wednesday, employees and volunteers had about a third of the valuables moved to higher, safer ground.

Small items like Indian tools and Civil War era merchandise books are more than a century old.

This is the first time the military park has moved these antique items.

"We've been lucky (before), we've had water up to our gate here before but we're looking at 2 feet of water inside the museum this time," said Bud Ross, Director of the Grand Gulf Military Park.

Campers at the park have been told to leave including full-time RV travelers Bob and Linda Klyne of Texas.

They have been enjoying the interesting sites here for 3 weeks.

"And interesting situations like the river rising," Bob Klyne said. "You hear about but don't understand what it is until you're part of it. "We'll pack up first thing in the morning (Thursday), head out, up to Vicksburg, stay up on the bluff so we're up off the river."

Carriages and larger items will be stored inside the Carriage House.

Smaller artifacts are being wrapped and taken away Wednesday.

There is no word on when the items will be moved back in after the waters finally recede, but it is likely the people helping Wednesday will be back to put everything back as soon as they get word.

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