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Pitching with a lot of spins

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

For many politicians to be successful, they must become expert in doublespeak. That's the art of putting a spin on what's the truth and what's not.

Such is the case with many supervisors, particularly some in Hinds County. Where as late, there is a lot of fuzzy and cloudy truths to be had with the hoodwinked redistricting plan, the cloudy weather sirens issue, and fuzzy police radios purchase for Byram.

Some Hinds supervisors must have been very good former baseball pitchers. The ones who can throw a great curve ball, a fork ball and a screw ball.

A number of Hinds County residents think that's the bull, I mean ball they've been getting lately on these issues when they go to bat.

Hopefully, the state auditor can find another ball to throw, getting to the truth ball. And the voters will also be the last at bat.

That's my point of view.

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