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Caught on Tape: Drive-thru Attack

BEVERLY, IL (NBC) Two Beverly, Illinois sub shop employees became instant heroes last weekend.

Ernesto Romero and his brother Agustin came to the aid of two patrons who were being attacked by three men in Mr. Submarine's drive-thru.

Mark Ziolek, who has two black eyes, and his girlfriend, Tina Coconate, returned to Mr. Sub on Thursday to thank the brothers for their help.

Security video footage shows the unprovoked attack early Sunday morning.

The attackers demanded Ziolek give them his sandwich and money, and they threatened Coconate.

Ernesto Romero reached his arm out of the drive-through window to pin one of the men against the restaurant, while Agustin rushed outside to fight the attackers.

All three were arrested thanks to the Romero brothers' help.

The men were charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery and one count of misdemeanor criminal damage to property.

Ziolek and Coconate said they couldn't fend off the attackers without the brothers' help.

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