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Satartia bridge closed, levee raised

YAZOO COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The small town of Satartia, south of Yazoo City, closed its bridge over the Yazoo River while working to raise the levee Monday.

Piles of dirt were unloaded onto the entrance of the Satartia Bridge.  The town's mayor was driving the bulldozer.

"Yep, doing my part," Satartia Mayor Charles Lungrin said.

With the help of the Army Corps of Engineers, locals were doing what they could to keep the rising water out of the small town. 

"The levee needs to be raised approximately four feet from the level it was at and so that's what we're in the process of doing how to hold the back water off," Lungrin said.

The levee is expected to protect the residences and businesses in Satartia, but those living on the other side of the levee are expecting the very worst.

I.N. Hart removed four generations worth of belongings from the home his grandfather built in 1916. 

"The 1927 flood is the only water that has ever been in it until now," Hart said.

He boarded up the windows and built a make-shift fence to minimize damage from waves and floating debris.  Hart's family has 3 homes along with 2,500 acres of farmland that will soon be under water.

"You know you have to laugh, if you don't laugh you cry," Hart said.  "I guess I'm ready for it to come on now to do what its going to do."

Ross Nesbit's home of 30 years is right in the water's path.   He travels out in his boat daily checking on the rising water and praying for Satartia's safety.

"I think the levee will hold, but I just pray it doesn't go over the levee," Nesbit said. "Of course when something like this happens you tend to think the worst and hopefully it won't be the worst."

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