Commit to Be Fit- Thomas Hodges - - Jackson, MS

Commit to Be Fit- Thomas Hodges

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Many Mississippians have taken action to change the state's status as one of the most obese in the nation.

Shortly after the first Commit to Be Fit report aired, we received an email from a viewer named Thomas Hodges advising us that he, too, had enrolled in Saint Dominic's Healthy Weight Advantage program. 

"On November 22, 2010, I went to the M.E.A and was told that I was morbid obese," wrote Hodges. "Between November 22 and January when I started the program, I lost seventeen pounds on my own. However, from January 7 through April 12, I have lost ninety-one pounds."

Hodges agreed to talk to Howard Ballou about his decision to commit to be fit. The 56-year-old said being overweight has been a life-long problem. 

"And I was real bad about just being a bum sitting in a chair watching a football game and just eating everything could," said Hodges. "I would eat from morning to night; all the time." 

It didn't help that he has been employed in the grocery business since he was 12-years-old. 

"Used to grab anything I want to eat and go up there and eat it and be over with," continued Hodges.

But that all changed after he received some sobering news. 

"I was diagnosed as morbid obese back in November, and it was put to me in a way from a doctor over at M.E.A clinic that was kind of; it made me shake and rattle. So I decided I'm gonna do something," said Hodges.  

He was referred to St. Dominic's Healthy Weight Advantage program, and Thomas Hodges is now a man on a mission. 

"I started out at four-hundred and thirty-five pounds. Today, I'm at three-hundred and twelve pounds," exclaimed Hodges. "My goal is one-hundred and eighty-five by January first, and I'll be there." 

Considering the benefits, Hodges is already realizing from his weight loss it is probably a safe bet he will make it.

"I can tell you what, Howard, I can now walk from here to that; over to that wall there without being out of breath. I can actually walk the mall now. I can actually do things without being out of breath. I mean, I'm sleeping better. Everything is just better," said Hodges.  

Don't forget to join the Commit to Be Fit team for the 8-k on the Parkway. The run and walk will be held at the Highland Colony Parkway in Ridgeland May 28th starting at 7am.

To sign up, just click on Commit to Be Fit on our website, and contact me on Facebook or Twitter or email me at

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