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Wednesday's Child - Trishiana

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FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Over the last few weeks we have been getting to know a sibling group of 5 hoping to be adopted together.

Nine year old Trishiana is the oldest girl in the group and has taken on the role of mother.

She's hoping to let go of some of the responsibility while holding on to her family on this week's Wednesday's Child.

Trishiana has learned to listen.

But she says it is hard to get a word in with her sisters and sometimes her older brother.

"I like to, I like to cheer. You like to cheer. Wonderful, do you want to be a cheerleader? Nods yes."

Although the girls see her as their leader, Trishiana is playful and likes to laugh.

She says she prefers to use her nickname.

"What is your nickname? Kiki. I look beautiful. Yes you do. Pretty, cute, nice, kind. Do they always answer for you?"

Trishiana also enjoys learning.

She is ready to go to the 3rd grade.

"I like to, I like to do math and I like to do experiments in science. What kind of experiments? We make fossils. That is awesome. With playdoh. What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be in the Army."

Trishiana says her day at Pump It Up was fun because she was with her siblings and she could just be a kid.

"What is it like when you all get together? Happy, fun. Did you have a lot of fun today? Yes."

While they are waiting in foster care, Trishiana says she is most concerned about being separated for long periods of time before they find their forever family.

"I want a livable family. A livable family? What else? Lovable. You mean lovable. Nods yes."

Trishiana also says she would rather wait and find the right family who will keep them forever.

She says there is no way she wants to be adopted without her sisters and brother.

To learn more about adoption through the Department of Human Services, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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