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More Vicksburg homes going under water

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Cedars School Circle just to the West of the Vicksburg Airport is slowly going under water. 

Residents on the low end moved out over the weekend. Now those on the high end of the street are being forced to move out.

Gregory Williams moved his family out earlier in the week, and is now staying with his cousin across the street.

"I waded through the water grabbed what I could there when I noticed it, I said it's time for me to go!"

Williams now slowly watches his trailer sink, as snakes move into the area.  He's already killed three.

Loading up appliances and personal items, is stressful say residents.

Daisy Smith has lived here for 25 years.  "It's real stressful," she says.

Most are going to stay with relatives, some of whom live in the neighborhood. That gives them a chance to check on their properties regularly.

Some unwanted visitors were present Thursday. Our cameras captured a snake ten yards from her front door, at the waters edge.

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