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Looting concern for flood evacuees

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YAZOO COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Many people had to flee their homes to escape flooding, but a new concern is rising.  Families fear what they left behind may not be safe during the great flood of 2011.

With water creeping into a century old family home in Satartia, I.N. Hart was trying to protect his other home seven miles away also threatened by the Yazoo River.

"Been building this levee, took us about a week," said Hart.  He was hoping the mote and high mound of dirt surrounding his property will be enough to keep the water out and any unwanted visitors.

"You're battling the river, the water of the river, the wind and then you'll battle your neighbor," said Hart. "It is sad we have to battle with each other."

Looting is a major concern for flood evacuees.  Hart's adult son is staying overnight to protect their belongings.

"All I can say is he's loaded, loaded for game and whatever else comes this way," said Hart.

Meanwhile law enforcement was doing their part to keep people and their property safe.

Friday, Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks officials closed all boating activity in counties affected by flooding.  This was to avoid potential damage to the levees and deter looters.

"We've seen people that were maybe looking for things that didn't belong to them.  We call this looting.  Of course the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks and other law enforcement will not tolerate it," said Conservation Officer Randy Newell.

Warren County Sheriff's deputies are patrolling non-stop.  "In areas we cannot access by conventional vehicle we're accessing by boat," said Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace. "If they have a thought of doing that I guarantee they'll have a unpleasant experience because they're going to jail."

This to make sure families are not faced with additional problems when the floodwaters recede.

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