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Yokena residents battle flood waters

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WARREN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Life in Warren County is a wait and see game for some along the Mississippi River.

But this weekend others are engaged in battle, protecting their animals and farmland in Yokena , salvaging what they can and even operating bulldozers in the fight against nature.

The Mississippi River has taken over what was pasture and grazing land for Greg Bryan's horses in the Yokena community in southern Warren county.

Each day the horses tread more water.

Sunday the Bryan and Simrall families moved the fence closer to Highway 61 trying to give the horses more dry land.

"We're running out of grass and about out of hay. So we're making these preparations to move them up a little further on dry ground..They say we're supposed to crest Thursday. I think the water's gonna stick around for a couple of weeks, so we've got quite some time to go before we start reclaiming any pasture land," said Greg Bryan.

His son, nine-year-old Wes, has ventured on horseback into the waters that overtook 150 acres.

"We were swimming in the flood waters back there me and my brother Adam. It kind of feels like they're just going up and back it was up to their necks," said Wes Bryan.

"Right now I got close to $25,000 in it, and I'm still fighting it every day," said Yokena resident Paul Lynn.

The construction company owner and farmer lives just down Highway 61 from Greg Bryan.

Lynn was driving a bulldozer Sunday evening.

He has added about 18 feet to the levee he built around his home in 2008.

The levee is holding back 25 feet of water.

"I'm trying to save my pasture land for my horses and everything around here. We've got dogs and everything. Don't want to leave. We're just trying to survive," said Lynn.

Farther south on 61 houses are being swallowed as residents make the last rounds getting out what they can.

Overhead helicopters electronically monitor boats and fisherman to keep them away from power lines.

An executive order has been issued preventing anyone from entering the flood waters and coming into contact with electrical wires.

Just past Dogwood Road Highway 61 is closed as flood waters from the Big Black and Mississippi Rivers creep over the two lane roadway.

The highway leads into Claiborne County.

Motorist must now use State Road 462 to State Road 27.

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