Greenville Is Cresting As We Stay Gray All Day! - - Jackson, MS

Greenville Is Cresting As We Stay Gray All Day!

Unseasonably cool weather will kick off this work week and a gray (and somewhat gloomy) Monday is what's in store for us.

The Mississippi River is expected to crest in Greenville for today. Please keep in mind when we're talking about cresting, its the peak height of the river at that site.

Think of it in terms of the highest 'wave' hitting Greenville for today, except these 'waves' last for 7 days or more.

No rain is expected for the next 5 days, that's a break we needed as record breaking heights are already in place along the Mississippi River.

We've already seen it crest in Memphis and it's starting a slow fall. That's good news for us because it indicates a faster fall of the river; thanks to the lack of additional rainfall.

Tomorrow highs will be in the 70s and mostly sunny skies, and with more sunshine a bit of evaporation may help a bit in softening the blow of the Mississippi River crest in Vicksburg.

Thursday is the date of the Mississippi cresting in Vicksburg; and it moves downstream to Natchez by Saturday.

Reports of black bears, alligators and other wildlife is being driven inland as a result of the flood waters in the Vicksburg area.

Floating insects and spiders are also a concern with long standing elevated waters along the Mississippi.

We'll keep you updated on WLBT-TV3, WLBT.COM, twitter and Facebook. 

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