The Mighty Mississippi Crest in Greenville Today, in Vicksburg T - - Jackson, MS

The Mighty Mississippi Crest in Greenville Today, in Vicksburg Thursday!

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Early morning fog will not pose much of a problem for the majority of the state; but the east and south east will have some early difficulties. Aside from that, most of the day will stay clear from any precipitation causing concern from the sky.

The Mississippi River is still the main focus of our forecast warnings and advisories. Today is the cresting deadline for the Mississippi River at the Greenville site; looking for a crest of 64.3'. Flooding has already caused massive evacuations in the delta because of the current flood waters.

Vicksburg is next on the docket for the Mississippi to crest as high as 57.5'. Record high measurements have already been recorded in Vicksburg as the waters continue to rise.

At this time officials are attempting to continue water patrols of property to keep looters from victimizing the residents who have evacuated.

Natchez is expected to crest on Saturday; the current reading is 61.3' and still climbing.

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