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Wednesday's Child - Milton

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He is the only male in a group of five and Milton is also the oldest.

12 year old Milton is protective of his younger sisters and wants them to have the security of a forever family.

He hopes they get that chance on this week's Wednesday's Child.

Milton tries hard to keep an eye on his four sisters.

He says he is used to the kidding around, the unwanted kisses, and annoyance of being the big brother.

"What is it like being the oldest, and the only boy with this group?"

" just feels like taking care of them, and doing what I'm doing to help my sisters. You feel responsible. Nods yes".

All kidding aside Milton says he cherishes each moment with his sisters because they spend most of their time in separate and distant foster homes.

"How often do you guys get to see each other? On the phone, that's it. Really, so this is the first time you've seen each other in a while? Yes. Really? What was it like getting together and having fun today? Fun, and all that. Was it awesome? Yeah. Do you miss your sisters a lot? Yeah", Milton said.

Milton enjoys being outdoors and sports.

"I know you like the Boston Celtics, right? Is that your favorite NBA team? Yeah, and my favorite NFL team is the Packers", Milton said.

He says he knows each of his sisters personalities and tries to be supportive but he says sometimes it can be difficult to encourage them about their situation.

"I don't feel right. You don't feel right?"

Milton is hopeful they will find a family who will take all of them.

"Nice and spend time with their kids", Milton said.

Until they find their forever family, Milton says he will work on his future and; if he has too, he will some day adopt his sisters and take care of them.

To learn more about adoption call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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