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A sign of the times in a field beside flooded Highway 61

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WARREN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a sign of the times only visible from high above farmland south of Vicksburg.

No, not the flood waters that have overtaken pastures and fields, but a special way to remember The Great Flood of 2011.

Highway 61 in southern Warren County is under water practically and impassable.

On the east side of the northbound lane; which is only visible from the air, you can see how Brent Hopkins and friends commemorated the rising flood waters, spelling out "Vicksburg 2011" in a field on his family's property.

"I used module tops, cotton module and I weighed them down with my skidder cable and painted the florescent orange," Hopkins said.

Hopkins, his girlfriend Polly Vinzant and several friends spent five hours Sunday night assembling the message, using truck headlights to light the field.

The 38 year old logger is the only homeowner still on the stretch of Highway 61.

His home is high on hill safe from the waters, but nature is closing in around him.

"It's about 25,000 acres back there under water," Hopkins said. "They're up here on about a couple of hundred acres...Gators, wild hogs, coyotes."

Each day Hopkins and Vinzant venture through the flooded highway to and from work.

"As long as we're in a truck or something that's a little bit higher it's ok," Polly Vinzant said. "On a sunny day, you can see an alligator sitting on 61. It's kind of funny."

Minutes later as our camera approached the Big Black River Bridge and spotted two alligators that quickly moved back into the water.

"It's usually a lot of wildlife up here, but right now it's more than usual," Hopkins said. "I'm getting spoiled. I'd rather have the animals than the traffic."

In the middle of the vacant roadway early Wednesday evening, his brother Jason took pictures of his children, recording this historic event for the family to remember years to come.

The Big Black River Bridge is closed to traffic and instead of sounds of vehicles you hear the sounds of nature.

Flood waters have reached the bottom of the bridge. 

It's expected to be closed for several weeks.

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