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Vicksburg Is Cresting, Possibly Falling???

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A summer like weather pattern will keep our immediate forecast on the dry side, providing a little help with our flooding dilemma. As of 4am this morning the Mississippi River started to fall from a previous 57.12 reading, DOWN to 57.06. The Mississippi River (at Vicksburg)  is predicted to crest at 57.1' for today, but early evidence indicates that we may have already hit the high at Vicksburg. In Natchez the latest measurements show a recent reading of 61.84', it's been as high as 61.95'. Since we've had a bit of a drought in our area as well as upstream we may be able to start watching a quick crest and fall of the river levels. We can't however begin to relax because we're still going to have to deal with 2-3 weeks of high water as it slowly goes back down. Health concerns with bacteria, animals and insect floating with debris will pose a long term challenge for our area. Proper clean up procedures are available on WLBT.COM with our GREAT FLOOD OF 2011 coverage on line. We'll continue to monitor the latest along the Mississippi River and pass it along to you on facebook, twitter and WLBT.COM. The Yazoo River is also at dangerous levels, last recorded at 38.22' and still expected to climb. The anticipated crest is expected to reach 39.0' by Sunday. The Yazoo river at Belzoni is expected to get up to 31.6 ft by Monday (cresting at 32). It's currently at 30.77' this morning and climbing.

Paul Williams

WLBT First Alert Meteorologist

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