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Safety and Income Should Overrule Hypocrisy

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One of the biggest lessons Mississippi learned after Katrina was the absurdity of requiring casinos to be located at the edge of the water on the beach.

After the hurricane left utter devastation, the legislature admitted the political foolishness after pandering to those opposed to gambling.

They then required these money making machines, these casinos, which placed so much money in state coffers to then be on land rather than water.

That did not include those on the river.

The flood of 2011 caused the huge Tunica casinos shut down.

Those in Vicksburg and Natchez closed except two.

Huge losses in revenue and income for so many.

That might be a good issue to explore this election year and get rid of yet one more example of Mississippi hypocrisy.

That's my Point of View.

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